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  • Keep lawn short and watered.
  • Trim boarders and edges neatly.
  • Remove weeds.
  • Remove dead plants or dead sections of plants.
  • Remove leaves and gardening debris.
  • Rake or smooth over mulch, particularly rocks.
  • Put away items not in use.
  • Remove dust, dirt or cobwebs from buildings and fences.
  • Remove calcium from buildings and walls, particularly windows.


  • Keeping your yard tidy allows you to actually enjoy your backyard and outdoor living space. However, it is not only for your own pleasure but also for your safety. Making sure that there are no still water areas in your backyard ensures that you are not attracting mosquitoes that carry dangerous diseases. Making sure that you have picked up any rotting fruit from your fruit tree ensures that you are no attracting ants or rodents. Cleaning up your pets' droppings on a daily basis ensures that you or your children are not stepping in it accidentally.

  • All in all, you get a much more comfortable setting that you can actually enjoy instead of constantly looking outside and seeing a big job ahead of you. You can host barbeques without spending a weekend overhauling your backyard; you can set up a paddling pool or slip and slide for the kids without worrying about thorns and dog droppings everywhere; you can let the kids play outside without fearing that a snake may slither out of the overgrown bushes and grass.

  • Keeping your yard tidy doesn't take that much time as long as you do not let things get out of hand. A couple of hours a month can ensure that your yard remains clean without having to spend hours in the garden getting dirty and exhausting yourself on your days off.




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